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Green Living Tips readers can get a 15% discount on hand made cleaningsupplies, pure beeswax candles and jewelry from TheClean G! Just enter GLTSP10 when you’re asked for a coupon code at checkout.

About The Clean G

From Katie, proprietress of The CleanG.:

“The Clean G was created for reasons that can be summed up in one word ~greenwashing. As I set out on my journey to creating a safer, more sustainable environment for my children, I learned that advertising is very often deceptive at best. I quickly became an avid label reader and found that most the time ingredients are not listed on cleaning supplies and often when they are, it’s not easy to understand or research. 

Often ingredients are vaguely listed, such as “plant based surfactant”, “biodegradable cleaning agents (citric acid and detergents)” or “Nature derived anionic and/or cationic cleaning agents”. I do not consider this to be informing the customer. I want ingredients I can look up and find information on reasonably easily. I also ran into the issue that I dislike the smell of most cleaners. Even many “safe” cleaning supplies have a chemical feel and smell, which I highly dislike. So finding cleaners that were safe, affordable and appealing to my nose really was a challenge.

Somewhere along the line in my quest for safe, effective general cleaning products I decided to blend my own using vinegar and essential oils. I found that Essential Oils (true plant oils, not “fragrance”) have many, many uses and germ fighting power. Tea Tree oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and much more. Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender oils also have many potent germ-fighting properties. This enables us to blend cleaning supplies that are seriously germ busting yet extremely pleasant to use!

Hand made cleaning supplies and beeswax candles

The original blends worked wonderfully for my family so I used them when I began cleaning houses for some extra income. This led to people asking if I sold them and since I didn’t at the time, I held classes to help people learn to make their own. After much feed back that clients would rather purchase ready-made supplies from me, I decided to launch The Clean G line.

We also offer candles and some jewelry. Our candles are made from only pure beeswax, sourcing as locally as we can. It is believed that burning beeswax candles actually cleans the air! Burning beeswax produces negative ions that circulate in the room and attract pollutants, in much the same way that a magnet attracts iron filings. Particles such as dust, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins are captured and neutralized. While we do not use strictly “certified organic” beeswax, as this is difficult to find locally, much less at an affordable price. 

We do however prefer to use wax harvested in the winter or spring, especially if it is from a commercial apiary, as it contains far less residue from agricultural sprays. Keeping true to our commitment to as few contaminants as possible, we use only pure essential oils to scent and herbs and spices to color. We use pure cotton & hemp wicks, and are phasing to strictly hemp wicking as it does not require the chemical burden that is widely used to raise cotton.

Jewelry making has an interesting beginning, with me wanting to save an eagle pendant I had, yet the chain always tore at my hair. I began working with hemp cord and have recently thought to try working with leather as well. We are careful to source metals that causing no greening. If it turns me green I won’t use it. This is sending us on an adventure to source high quality clasps and metal beading. I am also learning to work with surgical stainless steel as this is an awesome metal that is hypoallergenic.

In all our products, we strive to stay as close to nature as we can. We:

  •  source locally whenever possible
  • use only natural ingredients
  • use containers that are easily recyclable
  • promote our concentrated versions to reduce waste
  • re-use boxes and packing supplies for shipping
  • recycle what cannot be re-used
  • use re-useable tools in crafting
  • and continue our education on how we can be even more natural yet effective

All of our ingredients are disclosed, in layman’s terms. We would rather lose a customer due to giving too much information than because someone feels mislead.

We are not perfect and like everyone on our wonderful Planet Earth, we are in the continuous process of learning and transforming. There is always new information found and new technology being created. We will steadily move towards making our business and home greener and more sustainable as we are able to. We are committed to offering safe, natural products and being transparent in all our operations.

We hope to expand our line of cleaning products to more heavy-duty applications soon, but until then, it is our sincere hope we can be your source for candles and general cleaning products.”

In Joy,

The Clean G

Green Living Tips readers can get a 15% discount on hand made cleaning supplies, pure beeswax candles and jewelry from The Clean G! Just enter GLTSP10 when you’re asked for a coupon code at check out.