Green tooth – earth friendly, biodegradeable products

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About Green Tooth

Green Tooth is about “Going Green” made easy.  The products that we sell help our customers integrate everyday life and business with sustainable and biodegradable products. Living mindfully takes just a bit more thought and purpose, but we think the extra effort is well worth it.

Green Tooth offers the finest green products directly to customers at discount prices. We want to make these products easily accessible while making them affordable.

Our Products:

We carry a full line of eco-friendly and biodegradable products including biodegradable cups, biodegradable food containers, paper plates that are intended to help our customers bring sustainable practices into every day life.

We service restaurants, caterers, food processors, churches, schools, businesses, and individuals. 

All of our products are of the highest quality and made from renewable resources including bagasse (sugar cane waste), corn and potato-based bioplastic. 

Many of the products that we carry biodegrade within 45-60 days; reducing the landfill impact and are great alternatives to plastic and Styrofoam packaging materials that will be with us for many years to come. Americans annually use 25 billion Styrofoam containers and 100 billion plastic bags, which are derived from crude oil and clutter landfills.

We have alternatives for all of your food packaging needs while helping you reduce your environmental footprint. Check us out

Why Go Green:

Our customers are finding that using our products makes a statement of their social philosophy.  It demonstrates not only that they care about the environment, but also that they are taking practical measures to be responsible with our natural resources.  This movement is growing.  Nationally there are around 100 cities that have formally banned the use of Styrofoam or polystyrene food packaging. More and more cities are requiring restaurants and institutions to switch to biodegradable food containers.

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