Glove recycling tips

How many pairs of old rubber gloves do you throw out a year? Here’s a few tips for recycling kitchen/dishwashing gloves:

– Use them to make heavy duty rubber bands.

– Cut them into long strips to use them as plant ties

– The finger pieces can be used on the ends of mops and brooms to prevent them from sliding when leaned against a wall. Cut the tip of the fingers off also, slide them down the broom and they can be used as grips

– Keep an old one to one side to assist in opening tight lids on jars

– Use them as non-slip pads for vases

– Gloves with very small holes might be suitable for gardening work

The term “rubber gloves” is a little misleading; most gloves we use in the kitchen for washing up have little to no rubber in them at all – it’s just another form of petro-chemical based plastic which won’t break down in the environment easily; so the more use we can make from them, the better!

Do you know of other uses for old kitchen gloves? – please share them by adding your ideas and comments using the form below :)