Grow organic vegetables in your home garden!

Always wanted to grow your own organic vegetables, but don’t know where to start? Looking for a step-by-step guide written in plain English that doesn’t require you to outlay massive amounts of money in equipment? Have limited space? Perhaps you’ve given vegetable gardening a try before but haven’t had much success?

The instant download Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual by Julie Villani is just what you need!

Her guide contains all the information you’ll require to start creating your own organic food garden and is written by an expert on the topic who is growing and harvesting fresh and healthy organic herbs, fruits and vegetables at home every day! 

Grow organic vegetables at home

Fantastic, fresh and healthy organic fruit and vegetables straight from your own home garden!

You’ll learn:

  • How to make great compost
  • What not to put into your compost heap
  • How to make your liquid fertilizers
  • How to protect vegetables from pests and disease without the use of chemicals
  • The easiest vegetables to grow!
  • Herb growing secrets
  • About perennial vegetables
  • Growing a vegetable garden in limited space
  • How much you’ll need to plant to cater to your family’s vegetable needs
  • How to create a low maintenance garden
  • Download Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual by Julie Villani today1

Special bonus 1 – Garden diary

A garden diary to help you plan your garden beds, record your soil preparation activities, seed raining, planting out dates, fertilizing and harvesting.

Special bonus 2 – Seed saving manual

Buying seeds, particularly heirloom and heritage seeds can get expensive after a while – this guide book can save you a stack of cash by showing you how to collect your own seeds and store them for future use!

Special bonus 3 – Personal consultation!

While manuals and guides are great, perhaps you have a question you’ve never found the answer to in relation to your own organic vegetable gardening efforts. As part of this package, you’ll be able to email Julie your question for a personal answer!

Organic food gardening

$64 value for just $24 for a limited time – Download the Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual by Julie Villani today!