Earth friendly emergency preparedness kits

Note from Michael: the following information was provided by the merchant. Attention green businesses, do you have a special coupon or discount offer you’d like showcased on Green Living Tips? Learn more here. is a resource that provides information on environmentally friendly long term emergency preparedness, green living, and a forum to discuss your green ideas and views on environmental problems facing our world.

Sun-vival would like to help you implement an emergency plan and help prepare you for the aftermath of devastating disasters.  Use this coupon code:


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Having the resources needed to survive longer than the typical 3 day survival kit require you to use Earth’s natural resources.  Sun-vival’s goal is to provide the equipment you would need so that you can use nature’s renewable resources for longer term emergencies. 

Sun-vival doesn’t want to only provide you with environmentally friendly survival gear.  We would like to help you have fun everyday living an environmentally friendly lifestyle!

Living harmoniously with nature will give you a more balanced life and will make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of others.

In addition to offering tips and suggestions on how to implement a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle, Sun-vival offers a product line that can help to get started with the green lifestyle. 

We offer everything from solar ovens, water purifiers/pasteurizers, solar flashlights, books, sprout gardens, to home ware like hemp potholders, bamboo washcloths, toothpowder, and toothbrushes with replaceable heads. 

Our signature products are the Sun-vival kits that we have put together so that anyone can be ready for an emergency.  They include a combination of our products that make up different survival kits depending on the price you want to spend.  Each kit would help you survive in a long term emergency.

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