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Flies play an important role in the ecosystem, but may be a real nuisance in home, business and agricultural environments – and they can also spread disease.

ABetterFlyTrap is a “solar” flytrap that uses the sun to kill flies and Mom’s Green Earth is offering Green Living Tips readers a 10% discount on the purchase of ABetterFlyTrap – coupon code below.

No harmful pesticides are used in the system and the bait is made of all natural, earth-friendly products. The trap is composed of rust resistant galvanized metal and nylon mesh.

It is approximately 10 inches square with 3 inch legs and holds more than 100 times the number of dead flies than “bag” type traps such as Rescue, FliesAway and FliesBeGone. Inside is an inverted cone and at the bottom is a suspended bait bowl. Flies are attracted to the bait but bypass it and move up the cone where they are trapped inside the chamber and dehydrated by the sun.

Just being earth friendly is not enough – a product has to work! Here’s ABetterFlyTrap in action:

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ABetterFlyTrap works well on pasture land, horse properties, even in your back yard; wherever flies are a problem. Dead flies make excellent fertilizer, so when the bag is full just work them into the dirt in your garden. If you have chickens the flies make a great treat for them.

ABetterFlyTrap comes with enough bait mix to make 1 gallon of bait. The bait is good for about 1 month. If you use multiple traps, you may want to mix your bait in 5 gallon containers (Jerry Jugs work well.)

To get your discount simply enter the coupon code: 10offabf in the coupon box at checkout.

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