Heating and cooling on a budget

Heating and cooling our houses is usually a huge expense for any household. And anything that requires energy from man-made sources has a negative effect upon the environment.

If you can’t afford costly insulation for your house, here’s some tips for conserving the energy you do use in heating and cooling.

– Every gap in your house that leads to the outside costs you money. Consider using weather strips at the bottom of external doors; they only cost a few bucks and will pay for themselves very quickly.

– Heavy drapes over windows will dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs; with the added benefit of cutting down on noise.

– Use putty to seal gaps around loose window panes

– If you have bare floors, rugs can help with insulation

– Turn off your heater 15 minutes before going to bed if possible. This can save dozens of hours in heating time over a season.

– Compromise a little. You don’t need to be wearing shorts in winter :). Put on a jumper and other warm clothing and knock back your heat setting a notch.

– Heat rises, so a ceiling fan during winter can help push heat down.

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