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The offer

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About Bizcard

Bizcard is an online print marketing company. Our goal is help SMB create high quality business cards, postcards, direct mails campaigns and other print products and services.

Since its inception, the  Bizcard team has been working on developing environmentally friendly printing solutions. This effort includes using primarily post-consumer paper, eliminating damaging photo chemicals from the printing process and purchasing materials from GreenSeal certified companies etc…

Our Products:

We do our printing in house. We own all our equipment. This gives us more flexibility and it also allows us to ensure that our products have the least environmental effect possible

Since we own all of our presses and do all of our printing on site, we maintain consistency and quality by keeping all of our operations under our control. This also allows us to closely monitor and regulate our environmental impact.

Bizcard uses digital presses for all of its printing, which eliminate the photochemical-dependent process of making plates, thus reducing the chemical usage in the process.

As part of its mission statement, Bizcard seeks out partnerships with nonprofit organizations that are committed to social responsibility.

To create its products Bizcard uses recycled paper or purchase its resources from responsibly managed forests lands.

Bizcard encourages its customers to purchase products that use 30 to 40% less paper than the industry standard.

Our headquarters:

We use a special film on all the windows to reduce the heat within the buidling. This allows us to save on our energy consumption. All the lights in our building were changed from Standard with normal transformers to Fluorescent Electronic bulbs. Our bathroom sinks  are automated reducing the amount of water being used unecessarely.

Bizcard encourages team members to carpool and to bring their own food to reduce the carbon footprint produced when driving to restaurants at lunch time.

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