15% Discount From The Green Pet Shop!

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With over 77 million dogs and 94 million cats, plus assorted other pets in the USA, our pets create their own carbon footprint, or if you will, their own carbon “paw print”. And it’s a big one. 

It’s also estimated that 20-30% of water pollution is attributed to dog waste and over 8 billion pounds tons of cat litter is dumped into land fills every year. 

What can we do to alleviate this – short of getting rid of our best friends and not having pets at all?

There are a number of steps we can take that don’t cost a lot of money:
1) Adopt a pet
2) Neuter your pet
3) Practice proper waste disposal
4) Buy sturdy and long lasting toys
5) Green grooming
6) Recycle all those cans and plastic food bags
7) Organic litter
8) Healthier food choices


Gerard Prendergast wanted to help lower the carbon paw print of our animal companions and to offer some affordable every day pet items – so The Green Pet Shop was born.
While the line is relatively small right now, Gerard says they stock the basic items plus some brand new products – and are adding new lines all the time.
Gerard says he is a bit of a throw back to the 60’s and has a slightly different idea of how to price his products. Instead of pricing sky high, because the products are “green”, he wanted to put these items into as many hands and “paws” (ouch) as possible. 
He says he offers their products at just about the same price as the non- eco friendly products – and for Green Living Tips readers, he’s kindly offered an extra 15% discount!
Some of their products are brand new to the market place, such as the Katpak, a disposable, biodegradable litter “house”. Others are familiar everyday items, such as bio-degradable poop bags, made from corn starch. They even have the bag dispenser made from corn starch and some bowls made from bamboo.
Gerard says it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to use more environmentally friendly products. If you’re going to pick up after your pet, use a bio-degradable bag. When using pet wipes to clean your pet, how about using a chemical, scent free wipe that’s also biodegradable. Drying your pet? Use a micro fiber towel. Toys? Buy sturdy, long lasting ones.
 “Just by doing some little things, we can make such a big difference”, says Gerard.
Visit thegreenpetshop.com for more info. If you want to purchase anything, enter the coupon code GREENTIPS at the checkout and get a 15% discount!