Green investments and loans

How would you feel if your bank was financially backing uranium mining? How about if the company you bought shares in was responsible for the destruction of rainforests? When you invest in these companies, through shares or banking or loans, you are unconsciously, but directly supporting their pillaging of the earth.

It’s such a minefield being eco-friendly these days – everywhere you turn there seems to be a block to us living more in harmony with nature, even when we sincerely want to.

When it comes to making more informed investments, there’s help out there. Many banks are now offering “green” loans; these are loans with a reduced interest rates when the money is used towards buying green products or building a green home. That’s all very nice, but find out from the bank about who they also invest in :).

For investments, run a search on “socially responsible investments” in your favorite search engines. As this topic is becoming increasingly popular and in demand, there’s a stack of information now appearing on the web. But, as with all things business and web related; be sure to cross reference any investment being touted as green – there are unfortunately sharks out there and companies who will misrepresent the impact they have on the environment.

Do you have tips on SRI (socially responsible investing) and green finance – please share them with all of us via the form below :).