10% discount on green personal care products!

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Hi, I’m  Arleen, President of AlysAmari, LLC.  I am offering to all GreenLiving Tips.com Readers a 10% discount on all AlysAmari retail products.  Just type aaglt09 in the coupon section in checkout to redeem your discount.  Also, take advantage of the special shipping charges for your state.  This too can be found in checkout where you can pick your choice of shipping.

AlysAmari is a manufacturer of natural skin care, hair care and home care products.  I started AlysAmari 2 years ago because I became disillusioned with the chemical industry in which I worked for over 20 years.  The industry veered farther away from natural alternatives for many different types of products and leaned more toward harsh and dangerous chemicals.

My family knows what it means to me for them to be healthy and happy.  So, my daughters, Alysa and Amari, the namesakes of the company, and my husband, Frank, convinced me to start AlysAmari, LLC.  This is our contribution to a greener world.

AlysAmari Products are:

-Not tested on animals
-Formulated for all skin and hair types
-Filled with anti-oxidants
-Filled with botanicals & other essential ingredients
-Dye & Paraben free
-healthier to use

It is the mission of AlysAmari, LLC to provide you with the best natural/organic products and the best service that we can to meet your needs.  It is with the utmost integrity that we carry out our mission to you.  Our concern is your well-being and our environment.

AlysAmari sincerely gives to various charities in our community.  We are not only green in our products but also in our operations.  We work on not performing wasteful acts that could harm the environment, people or animals. We pledge to contribute to our country and the world by reducing our carbon footprint.  We’re green but we’re not perfect.  There is still room for improvement.

Visit our online store and read our Blogs The Word.  Sign up for our permission-only e-newsletter.  And, by all means, take care of yourself.

Sincerely green,

President, Dir. of R&D