25% Discount – Green Your Shave With EverBlade

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As we’ve all probably noticed by now, going green can have an added benefit to it – saving money. Conserving energy and reducing waste often accompanies saving a few dollars.

Here is a new product to the market that is designed to do both – save you money and reduce your waste. It’s called EverBlade – and Green Living Tips Readers can get a 25% discount off on their first order by using coupon code: GREENLIVING25 at check out!

Everblade is a new device that will keep any razor blade sharp sharp four to eight times longer than normal. That can add up to huge savings these days with disposable razor blades reaching the $10.00 mark while at the same time reducing tons of waste – we discard over 2 billion disposable razors and their packaging each year!

Everblade eco-friendly shaving system

This new device is a razor blade stand which uses technology incorporating specifically designed copper plates to create an energy field that repels rust and corrosion from the razor blade. Commonly the experience of a dull razor stems from the build-up of molecules on the tip of the razor blade which prevent contact of the blade and the hairs.

The build-up and corrosion that occurs is the most common form of blade failure. This technology eliminates the build-up so you will be able to extend the actual life of the blade. Traditionally keeping a blade sharp takes time, energy and a little finesse. Further, for obvious reasons, most disposable razors were not even designed to be sharpened properly. Now there is a way to maintain a sharp blade without having to change blades or spend the time and resources sharpening them.

Another factor to a short blade life is the chemicals used in most shaving products on the market. One of the most common ingredients which has been linked to razor blade corrosion is alcohol. Alcohol and other chemicals tend to not only dry out the skin in an unnecessary and unhealthy way but also cause damage to the razor blade. EverBlade also offers a full line of shaving products that are free of synthetic chemicals and alcohol further extending the life of your blades. Eliminating alcohol and chemicals from your shaving routine will make for a healthier shave each morning, save you money and have less impact on our environment.

Green Living Tips Readers can get a 25% discount off on their first order by using coupon code: GREENLIVING25 at check out!

We are so confident in the benefits of the EverBlade products that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases.

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Added note from Michael:

I asked Chris from EverBlade about the materials used for the bases of the product. While the EverBlade certainly isn’t a throwaway item, I was just curious to know. Chris says the Contempo version is made of plastic and is pretty sure it’s resin code is #2, which is recyclable – but he’s waiting on confirmation from the manufacturer. He also has plans for a 100% recycled plastic version of the Contempo in the next few months. The Classic version is made of material called Corian, but it’s sourced from the off-cuts from a local counter top dealer – a nice use of what would otherwise be waste!