Disposable razors and the environment

Disposable razors are a wonderful product, well the concept is anyway. Unfortunately, the bulk of the product is also non-biodegradable. While the blade itself will rust away to nothing relatively quickly, the plastic handle and razor casing will be with us for dozens, perhaps hundreds of years and taking up space in our landfills.

You can extend the life of your disposable razor quite easily – this will save you money as well as helping to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

As mentioned, the blade itself begins to rust quite rapidly; it’s this corrosion that speeds up the process of making the razor blunt. To help slow down this process, simply have a small container of olive oil close at hand and after rinsing the razor and flicking off the excess water, place it in the container of olive oil. This will also help make your next shave a bit smoother :).

Ideally, opt for a disposable razor type that allows you to change the blades, or better still, try an electric razor instead; depending on your usage, a blade for an electric razor can last for a couple of years.

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