20% off on organic bamboo fiber gloves for GLT readers!

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Green Living Tips readers can get a 20% discount on Getglovd mechanically (not chemically) processed bamboo fiber gloves via this special link!

Getglovd was created to provide an eco-friendly, fashionable defense from contact and contagion with virus and bacteria we come into contact with throughout the day. 
Constructed using certified organic and mechanically processed bamboo, Getglovd gloves are a lightweight, convenient solution to help protect while on the subway, bus, train, everywhere you travel and germs are close at hand. They’ll keep your hands warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

Mechanically produced bamboo fabric requires no chemicals, pesticides or fungicides. The yarn used in the gloves offered by Getglovd.com is made from bamboo that has been grown in forests in Yunnan, China. Pandas live further north in the mountains of Szechuan and our bamboo is not the type that pandas eat. 

Bamboo grows rapidly and one acre of forest can easily yield four times more per year than pine forests. Bamboo does not require fertilizer for its rapid growth as opposed to cotton. Also, unlike cotton, bamboo requires no pesticides or fungicides to grow vigorously. 

All of these ecological benefits from cultivating bamboo are part of the reason consumers can now choose numerous bamboo rayon products as an alternative to cotton. 

bamboo gloves  

Mechanically vs. chemically process bamboo fiber
Last fall, the FDA reminded consumers that the rayon process treats all cellulose alike whether it derives from pine trees, bamboo, any sources of cellulose is suitable. But the beneficial properties claimed for bamboo are lost in a caustic chemical processing that reduces fibers to a liquid then extrudes them into rayon silk-like strands. 
The FDA did not distinguish bamboo rayon from mechanically processed bamboo, which does not need caustic chemicals but creates yarn similar to the linen process used for flax. The crushing and combing of bamboo fibers preserves the inherent qualities of bamboo. The result is a silky smooth fiber that, when woven, produces a cashmere-like, snug-fitting glove that proves so comfortable that you will not want to take them off.
Getglovd gloves are reinforced with 5% Spandex, to stretch the bamboo yarn so it gives slightly without breaking, like the plant. This resilient fit allows you to fetch coins, keys, or credit cards from your pocket without removing your gloves. The glove also proves most effective as a glove liner for skiing, etc., due to its superior wicking properties. 
Above all, these gloves are so comfortable you will wear them everywhere, and you will resist the germs and bacteria lurking on handrails, doorknobs, card swipers, railings, etc. They are especially useful for people who need to handle money in their jobs, such as tollbooth collectors, postal workers, tellers or cashiers.
The gloves offered by GetGlovd.com offers the benefits of ecologically sensible, sustainable fiber management with the style and luxurious feel associated with cashmere.
Green Living Tips readers can get a 20% discount on Getglovd products via this special link!