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10% off ABetterFlyTrap coupon – Mom’s Green Earth

February 20th, 2011.

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Flies play an important role in the ecosystem, but may be a real nuisance in home, business and agricultural environments – and they can also spread disease.

ABetterFlyTrap is a “solar” flytrap that uses the sun to kill flies and Mom’s Green Earth is offering Green Living Tips readers a 10% discount on the purchase of ABetterFlyTrap – coupon code below.

No harmful pesticides are used in the system and the bait is made of all natural, earth-friendly products. The trap is composed of rust resistant galvanized metal and nylon mesh.

It is approximately 10 inches square with 3 inch legs and holds more than 100 times the number of dead flies than “bag” type traps such as Rescue, FliesAway and FliesBeGone. Inside is an inverted cone and at the bottom is a suspended bait bowl. Flies are attracted to the bait but bypass it and move up the cone where they are trapped inside the chamber and dehydrated by the sun.

Just being earth friendly is not enough – a product has to work! Here’s ABetterFlyTrap in action:

10% discount coupon code: 10offabf
Mom’s Green Earth

ABetterFlyTrap works well on pasture land, horse properties, even in your back yard; wherever flies are a problem. Dead flies make excellent fertilizer, so when the bag is full just work them into the dirt in your garden. If you have chickens the flies make a great treat for them.

ABetterFlyTrap comes with enough bait mix to make 1 gallon of bait. The bait is good for about 1 month. If you use multiple traps, you may want to mix your bait in 5 gallon containers (Jerry Jugs work well.)

To get your discount simply enter the coupon code: 10offabf in the coupon box at checkout.

While you’re visiting , check out our other environmentally friendly products. We carry solar ovens, dehydrators, worm composters, etc. We are constantly adding new products. Be sure to check under the “Coupons” tab for current, money saving coupons. We also have a good variety of free downloadable food preservation books.


Dealing with flies

15% Discount From The Green Pet Shop!

January 6th, 2011.

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With over 77 million dogs and 94 million cats, plus assorted other pets in the USA, our pets create their own carbon footprint, or if you will, their own carbon “paw print”. And it’s a big one. 

It’s also estimated that 20-30% of water pollution is attributed to dog waste and over 8 billion pounds tons of cat litter is dumped into land fills every year. 

What can we do to alleviate this – short of getting rid of our best friends and not having pets at all?

There are a number of steps we can take that don’t cost a lot of money:
1) Adopt a pet
2) Neuter your pet
3) Practice proper waste disposal
4) Buy sturdy and long lasting toys
5) Green grooming
6) Recycle all those cans and plastic food bags
7) Organic litter
8) Healthier food choices


Gerard Prendergast wanted to help lower the carbon paw print of our animal companions and to offer some affordable every day pet items – so The Green Pet Shop was born.
While the line is relatively small right now, Gerard says they stock the basic items plus some brand new products – and are adding new lines all the time.
Gerard says he is a bit of a throw back to the 60’s and has a slightly different idea of how to price his products. Instead of pricing sky high, because the products are “green”, he wanted to put these items into as many hands and “paws” (ouch) as possible. 
He says he offers their products at just about the same price as the non- eco friendly products – and for Green Living Tips readers, he’s kindly offered an extra 15% discount!
Some of their products are brand new to the market place, such as the Katpak, a disposable, biodegradable litter “house”. Others are familiar everyday items, such as bio-degradable poop bags, made from corn starch. They even have the bag dispenser made from corn starch and some bowls made from bamboo.
Gerard says it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to use more environmentally friendly products. If you’re going to pick up after your pet, use a bio-degradable bag. When using pet wipes to clean your pet, how about using a chemical, scent free wipe that’s also biodegradable. Drying your pet? Use a micro fiber towel. Toys? Buy sturdy, long lasting ones.
 “Just by doing some little things, we can make such a big difference”, says Gerard.
Visit for more info. If you want to purchase anything, enter the coupon code GREENTIPS at the checkout and get a 15% discount!

Reusable Cat Litter – Save 20% on EnviroKats

December 5th, 2010.

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While at the grocery store you realize that you are out of cat litter. As you approach the pet aisle you consider the alternative litters that are available. “Do I get the cheap stuff? I know it’s the kind of litter that is produced by strip mining, which really is hard on the environment. And while I like the clumping ability I really am not sure if that is good for my cats. I’ve heard of the biodegradable brands that have come out – will that be a better alternative?”
Unfortunately, not really. No matter what litter you buy, you’re going to end up dumping the litter into a plastic bag because of the awful smell – and that certainly isn’t going anywhere when it ends up at the landfill.
It’s estimated that up to 8 billion pounds of cat litter wind up in U.S. landfills each year. You could line up semi’s halfway across the country every year full of discarded cat litter – that’s how huge issue this is!
What if there was a litter that could be reused over and over? Wouldn’t that help the problem? And wouldn’t that save money on continually purchasing cat litter?


Introducing EnviroKats – the first entirely reusable cat litter! What that means to you is no more running to the store for litter and the expense involved in purchasing. No more dumping boxes, no exposure to the awful odors, and no plastic bags needed for disposal. And finally, no more needless choking of our landfills!
So what is EnviroKats made of so that it is able to be reused? EnviroKats litter is made from 100% discarded tires! The materials absorbs odors naturally without any additives.

The specially designed box allows the liquid waste to accumulate at the bottom of the box. When it is time to clean the box you simply gently rinse the surface area of the litter, open the drain, and release the liquids. 
While tires have been a necessity in our everyday lives, the disposal of used tires has remained an environmental challenge. So, remembering that convoy of semis stretching halfway across the country, we are now eliminating an equal amount of weight of tires that would go to landfills. The convoy that would have now stretched entirely across the country would be totally eliminated from our landfills. 
Each EnviroKats system is the equivalent to approximately 1 ΒΌ tires. 
EnviroKats coupon discount for Green Living Tips readers.

GLT readers can receive a 20% discount in the form of a rebate on the purchase of the EnviroKats system. This is an $8 rebate that will be sent to you along with your order. To claim the rebate, be sure to mention the “GLT” coupon code when ordering.
Recycle and Reuse – the EnviroKats way. For more information please visit  The inventor, John King, welcomes all questions and comments so please feel free to contact him at

Going Green with Eco Friendly Products

September 8th, 2010.

Note from Michael: the following information was provided by Naina Vaish, Evangelist N CEO of  Green N Brown. Attention green businesses, do you have a special coupon or discount offer you’d like showcased on Green Living Tips? Learn more here.

Talk about going Green and you will see thousands of products that promise to change your lifestyle to be more earth friendly. Purchase decisions under such circumstances can be quite overwhelming – especially when it is difficult for one to substantiate the ‘Green’ claims. Additionally, there is seldom a way for consumers to quantify their eco impact by choosing to buy these Green products versus the conventional ones.

At Green N Brown, we decided to address this challenge and go a step further by investing in the development of a simulation model that quantifies each product for its eco impact. For example, in the web-store, we tell you that when you buy the ‘Eco Shoppers Bag’ you will help save 1 million sea birds which die of eating or being strangled in plastic every year; or – more than 1,000 trees will be saved if 1% Americans buy the ‘Akbar-Wall-Hanging’ instead of the conventional one. 

This is not only a great tool to understand the environmental footprint of individual products it is also a rich and interesting information source to help make purchase decisions.

This coupon code entitles GLT readers to an additional 5% discount on all 
products store wide in addition to any existing deals that may be running

Evaluating Eco Friendliness

Ideally one must review quantified life-cycle environmental impacts of each product and have their individual impacts weighted, however, such data is not available today. The complexity further increases since there are no common attributes that cut across all product categories and very often, one ends up comparing apples to oranges, for example, comparing the resource-extraction impacts of one product with the manufacturing impacts of another, and the consumption impacts of a third.

Broadly, we believe products that fall under one or more of 4 broad categories below can be safely considered ‘Green’:

1. Products Made with Recycled or Agricultural Waste Content

1.1. Salvaged products — whenever a product can be reused instead of producing a new one from raw materials resource use and energy are saved. A good example is the products made from flip flops that are often littered on sea shores. An artisan group in Kenya decided to make beautiful home décor items out of these salvaged products.

1.2. Products with recycled content — Recycled content (especially post consumer) is an important attribute and qualifying criteria for Green. We have several products that are made from recycled content such as candy wrapper foils, to telephone wires, oil drums and recycled metal.

1.3. Products made from agricultural waste material — A number of products are derived from agricultural waste products. Most of these are made from plant fiber or wood.

2. Products That Conserve Natural Resources

2.1. Products with exceptional durability or low maintenance requirements — These products are environmentally appealing because they need to be replaced less frequently, or they need low or no maintenance. Included in this category are such products as soy candles that have very long burning hours reducing the need to use more (number of) ordinary candles.

2.2. Rapidly renewable products — Rapidly renewable materials are distinguished by the shorter harvest rotation—typically 10 years or less. They are biodegradable, often (but not always) low in VOC emissions, and generally produced from agricultural crops. Because sunlight is generally the primary energy input (via photosynthesis), these products may be less energy-intensive to produce—though transportation and processing energy use must be considered. Examples include textiles such as organic cotton.

3. Products That Avoid Toxic or Other Emissions

3.1. Natural or minimally processed products — Products that are natural or minimally processed can be green because of low energy use and low risk of chemical releases during manufacture. These can include wood products, agricultural or nonagricultural plant products, and mineral products.

3.2. Products that conserve resources — Products that are made by hand are often far lesser resource intensive than similar products that have a mechanized manufacturing process. While this has significant positive environmental impact, the added benefits are associated with nurturing art forms and supporting artisans.

4. Products That Contribute to a Safe, Healthy Lifestyle

4.1. Products that improve quality of life — There is a growing body of evidence that natural products are beneficial to human health. While quality of life directly has an impact on the surrounding environment both at an individual as well as community level, at Green N Brown we have included products that enhance health, reduce stress levels and promote holistic well being.

4.2. Products that promote eco friendliness and inspire others – These are essentially products that overlap over several categories above, nonetheless the greatest impact of these products is promoting eco friendliness around inspiring others. Bonsai trees are a great example of such products. 

Going Green with Eco Friendly Products

Change needs to happen from the bottom up – it is the individuals who need to drive the Green Revolution in their everyday lives. With such information at hand, now shoppers can look for eco footprint statements besides product specs to ensure they are not only shopping to save money but also saving the planet in a tangible way.

This article is authored by Naina Vaish, Evangelist N CEO, Green N Brown.

Green N Brown, an E-Market for sustainable and low eco-impact products, is a one stop shop for Greener Future. At Green N we provide the best information and enjoyable shopping experience to our eco shoppers by offering a wide range of GREEN (eco-friendly) and BROWN (organic), hence Green N Brown.

We are committed to becoming the world’s most trusted brand of environmentally safe and responsible products for a healthy lifestyle. To know more please visit

25% Discount – Green Your Shave With EverBlade

May 8th, 2010.

Note from Michael: the following information was provided by the merchant. Attention green businesses, do you have a special coupon or discount offer you’d like showcased on Green Living Tips? Learn more here.

As we’ve all probably noticed by now, going green can have an added benefit to it – saving money. Conserving energy and reducing waste often accompanies saving a few dollars.

Here is a new product to the market that is designed to do both – save you money and reduce your waste. It’s called EverBlade – and Green Living Tips Readers can get a 25% discount off on their first order by using coupon code: GREENLIVING25 at check out!

Everblade is a new device that will keep any razor blade sharp sharp four to eight times longer than normal. That can add up to huge savings these days with disposable razor blades reaching the $10.00 mark while at the same time reducing tons of waste – we discard over 2 billion disposable razors and their packaging each year!

Everblade eco-friendly shaving system

This new device is a razor blade stand which uses technology incorporating specifically designed copper plates to create an energy field that repels rust and corrosion from the razor blade. Commonly the experience of a dull razor stems from the build-up of molecules on the tip of the razor blade which prevent contact of the blade and the hairs.

The build-up and corrosion that occurs is the most common form of blade failure. This technology eliminates the build-up so you will be able to extend the actual life of the blade. Traditionally keeping a blade sharp takes time, energy and a little finesse. Further, for obvious reasons, most disposable razors were not even designed to be sharpened properly. Now there is a way to maintain a sharp blade without having to change blades or spend the time and resources sharpening them.

Another factor to a short blade life is the chemicals used in most shaving products on the market. One of the most common ingredients which has been linked to razor blade corrosion is alcohol. Alcohol and other chemicals tend to not only dry out the skin in an unnecessary and unhealthy way but also cause damage to the razor blade. EverBlade also offers a full line of shaving products that are free of synthetic chemicals and alcohol further extending the life of your blades. Eliminating alcohol and chemicals from your shaving routine will make for a healthier shave each morning, save you money and have less impact on our environment.

Green Living Tips Readers can get a 25% discount off on their first order by using coupon code: GREENLIVING25 at check out!

We are so confident in the benefits of the EverBlade products that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases.

Learn more about Everblade

Added note from Michael:

I asked Chris from EverBlade about the materials used for the bases of the product. While the EverBlade certainly isn’t a throwaway item, I was just curious to know. Chris says the Contempo version is made of plastic and is pretty sure it’s resin code is #2, which is recyclable – but he’s waiting on confirmation from the manufacturer. He also has plans for a 100% recycled plastic version of the Contempo in the next few months. The Classic version is made of material called Corian, but it’s sourced from the off-cuts from a local counter top dealer – a nice use of what would otherwise be waste!

15% discount on hand made cleaning supplies and more!

April 4th, 2010.

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Green Living Tips readers can get a 15% discount on hand made cleaningsupplies, pure beeswax candles and jewelry from TheClean G! Just enter GLTSP10 when you’re asked for a coupon code at checkout.

About The Clean G

From Katie, proprietress of The CleanG.:

“The Clean G was created for reasons that can be summed up in one word ~greenwashing. As I set out on my journey to creating a safer, more sustainable environment for my children, I learned that advertising is very often deceptive at best. I quickly became an avid label reader and found that most the time ingredients are not listed on cleaning supplies and often when they are, it’s not easy to understand or research. 

Often ingredients are vaguely listed, such as “plant based surfactant”, “biodegradable cleaning agents (citric acid and detergents)” or “Nature derived anionic and/or cationic cleaning agents”. I do not consider this to be informing the customer. I want ingredients I can look up and find information on reasonably easily. I also ran into the issue that I dislike the smell of most cleaners. Even many “safe” cleaning supplies have a chemical feel and smell, which I highly dislike. So finding cleaners that were safe, affordable and appealing to my nose really was a challenge.

Somewhere along the line in my quest for safe, effective general cleaning products I decided to blend my own using vinegar and essential oils. I found that Essential Oils (true plant oils, not “fragrance”) have many, many uses and germ fighting power. Tea Tree oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and much more. Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender oils also have many potent germ-fighting properties. This enables us to blend cleaning supplies that are seriously germ busting yet extremely pleasant to use!

Hand made cleaning supplies and beeswax candles

The original blends worked wonderfully for my family so I used them when I began cleaning houses for some extra income. This led to people asking if I sold them and since I didn’t at the time, I held classes to help people learn to make their own. After much feed back that clients would rather purchase ready-made supplies from me, I decided to launch The Clean G line.

We also offer candles and some jewelry. Our candles are made from only pure beeswax, sourcing as locally as we can. It is believed that burning beeswax candles actually cleans the air! Burning beeswax produces negative ions that circulate in the room and attract pollutants, in much the same way that a magnet attracts iron filings. Particles such as dust, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins are captured and neutralized. While we do not use strictly “certified organic” beeswax, as this is difficult to find locally, much less at an affordable price. 

We do however prefer to use wax harvested in the winter or spring, especially if it is from a commercial apiary, as it contains far less residue from agricultural sprays. Keeping true to our commitment to as few contaminants as possible, we use only pure essential oils to scent and herbs and spices to color. We use pure cotton & hemp wicks, and are phasing to strictly hemp wicking as it does not require the chemical burden that is widely used to raise cotton.

Jewelry making has an interesting beginning, with me wanting to save an eagle pendant I had, yet the chain always tore at my hair. I began working with hemp cord and have recently thought to try working with leather as well. We are careful to source metals that causing no greening. If it turns me green I won’t use it. This is sending us on an adventure to source high quality clasps and metal beading. I am also learning to work with surgical stainless steel as this is an awesome metal that is hypoallergenic.

In all our products, we strive to stay as close to nature as we can. We:

  •  source locally whenever possible
  • use only natural ingredients
  • use containers that are easily recyclable
  • promote our concentrated versions to reduce waste
  • re-use boxes and packing supplies for shipping
  • recycle what cannot be re-used
  • use re-useable tools in crafting
  • and continue our education on how we can be even more natural yet effective

All of our ingredients are disclosed, in layman’s terms. We would rather lose a customer due to giving too much information than because someone feels mislead.

We are not perfect and like everyone on our wonderful Planet Earth, we are in the continuous process of learning and transforming. There is always new information found and new technology being created. We will steadily move towards making our business and home greener and more sustainable as we are able to. We are committed to offering safe, natural products and being transparent in all our operations.

We hope to expand our line of cleaning products to more heavy-duty applications soon, but until then, it is our sincere hope we can be your source for candles and general cleaning products.”

In Joy,

The Clean G

Green Living Tips readers can get a 15% discount on hand made cleaning supplies, pure beeswax candles and jewelry from The Clean G! Just enter GLTSP10 when you’re asked for a coupon code at check out.

10% discount on natural and fair trade items for babies and children from Trees and Tots

February 22nd, 2010.

Note from Michael: the following information was provided by the merchant. Attention green businesses, do you have a special coupon or discount offer you’d like showcased on Green Living Tips? Learn more here.

Green Living Tips readers can get a 10% discount on all items from Trees and Tots!

Tracy from Trees and Tots:

“My husband and I run a quaint web-based eco-boutique called Trees and Tots in Ontario Canada – we also ship products to the USA and internationally. 
We chose the name of our business as it encompasses what we feel are the two most important things that we care deeply about and want to preserve. 

Trees and Tots was started due to a shortage of and demand/need for safer, chemical free merchandise that parents can purchase for their babies and children in our area.

We are the first and only store to date in south-western Ontario that carries solely organic, natural, safe, eco-friendly and fair trade products. We brought a much needed service to our area and offer safer alternatives in clothing, bedding, blankets, mattresses, toys, games, activities, skin care products, water bottles, dishes and so much more.

Trees and Tots discount coupon code

We strive to offer the best customer service and try very hard to give the most accurate descriptions of all of our products so customers know exactly what they are getting, as well as feel safe and comfortable about their choice. 

We carry our personal practices over to our business and always conscious of our actions and its effect on the earth today and tomorrow. We reuse all boxes we receive our orders in to send out to customers and use until unusable before recycling them.

Our slogan is “life is precious – sustain it” which has caught many people’s eyes, as we all do believe the truth behind it and need to be reminded of it sometimes. We have to think tomorrow, preserving the world’s beauty and resources. We are conscious of this and do our little part in causing the least amount of damage as possible to the earth we live on and share. We try to simplify life, don’t over buy things we don’t need and will end up in a landfill and also use all natural or organic products to minimize the chemicals to harm us, the atmosphere, our waterways and/or animals. 

We purchase our products from local artisans and manufacturers as much as possible to keep our carbon footprint lower. To prevent having everything the same as the next store and not standing out as unique, we have brought in a few amazing products to offer customers from around the world. Trees and Tots feels there are some extremely talented artisans and products from other parts of the world as well. This is a way for us to purchase fair trade items and hopefully help support the little guys trying to make a living for their families in some underdeveloped countries.

As well as being a store with unique quality merchandise and a quick secure one page checkout; we offer consumers healthy recipes, insightful blog, informative articles, baby/gift registry, and my rewards points for repeat/loyal customers to earn savings on their future purchases.”

Green Living Tips readers can get a 10% discount on Trees and Tots range of items products using this discount coupon code: MB10GLTA. The coupon code is used during the checkout process.

20% off on organic bamboo fiber gloves for GLT readers!

January 22nd, 2010.

Note from Michael: the following information was provided by the merchant. Attention green businesses, do you have a special coupon or discount offer you’d like showcased on Green Living Tips? Learn more here.

Green Living Tips readers can get a 20% discount on Getglovd mechanically (not chemically) processed bamboo fiber gloves via this special link!

Getglovd was created to provide an eco-friendly, fashionable defense from contact and contagion with virus and bacteria we come into contact with throughout the day. 
Constructed using certified organic and mechanically processed bamboo, Getglovd gloves are a lightweight, convenient solution to help protect while on the subway, bus, train, everywhere you travel and germs are close at hand. They’ll keep your hands warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

Mechanically produced bamboo fabric requires no chemicals, pesticides or fungicides. The yarn used in the gloves offered by is made from bamboo that has been grown in forests in Yunnan, China. Pandas live further north in the mountains of Szechuan and our bamboo is not the type that pandas eat. 

Bamboo grows rapidly and one acre of forest can easily yield four times more per year than pine forests. Bamboo does not require fertilizer for its rapid growth as opposed to cotton. Also, unlike cotton, bamboo requires no pesticides or fungicides to grow vigorously. 

All of these ecological benefits from cultivating bamboo are part of the reason consumers can now choose numerous bamboo rayon products as an alternative to cotton. 

bamboo gloves  

Mechanically vs. chemically process bamboo fiber
Last fall, the FDA reminded consumers that the rayon process treats all cellulose alike whether it derives from pine trees, bamboo, any sources of cellulose is suitable. But the beneficial properties claimed for bamboo are lost in a caustic chemical processing that reduces fibers to a liquid then extrudes them into rayon silk-like strands. 
The FDA did not distinguish bamboo rayon from mechanically processed bamboo, which does not need caustic chemicals but creates yarn similar to the linen process used for flax. The crushing and combing of bamboo fibers preserves the inherent qualities of bamboo. The result is a silky smooth fiber that, when woven, produces a cashmere-like, snug-fitting glove that proves so comfortable that you will not want to take them off.
Getglovd gloves are reinforced with 5% Spandex, to stretch the bamboo yarn so it gives slightly without breaking, like the plant. This resilient fit allows you to fetch coins, keys, or credit cards from your pocket without removing your gloves. The glove also proves most effective as a glove liner for skiing, etc., due to its superior wicking properties. 
Above all, these gloves are so comfortable you will wear them everywhere, and you will resist the germs and bacteria lurking on handrails, doorknobs, card swipers, railings, etc. They are especially useful for people who need to handle money in their jobs, such as tollbooth collectors, postal workers, tellers or cashiers.
The gloves offered by offers the benefits of ecologically sensible, sustainable fiber management with the style and luxurious feel associated with cashmere.
Green Living Tips readers can get a 20% discount on Getglovd products via this special link!

Save on soy candles at Bright Sun Candles

September 12th, 2009.

Note from Michael: the following information was provided by the merchant. Attention green businesses, do you have a special coupon or discount offer you’d like showcased on Green Living Tips? Learn morehere.

Green Living Tips readers can get a 10% discount coupon for soy candles at Bright SunCandles!

Soy candles produce 95% less soot than paraffin candles and they burn 40%longer and cooler too. Paraffin has 11 documented toxins, two are carcinogenic (Benzene and Toluene).

Bright Sun Candles are all-natural soy wax candles. We hand-pour our candles in recyclable tins and reuse wine and oil bottles to make candles that are unique and sustainable. Our candles are crafted with high-quality soy wax, therapeutic-grade essentials oils, metal-free wicks and no dyes. 

soy candles discount coupon code

Soy candles burn twice as long as paraffin and emit less soot. Soy wax is also a renewable resource, unlike paraffin, which is derived from petroleum. For more info on soy candles, see our website.

Recently, we started making crayons from recycled crayons and soy wax. They’re a fun way to be creative and sustainable at the same time. We’ve collected used crayons from local schools and families and reused them to craft crayons.

Bright Sun Candles is a family-owned business, based in St. Paul, Minnesota. We reuse candle tins, as soy wax is easy to clean out, and offer a discount on a new candle for every returned candle tin. We also use fluorescent bulbs to save energy costs, source our materials as close to our workshop as possible to reduce greenhouse gases produced during transport and built several of our workshop tables from reclaimed wood.

Bright Sun Candles are priced from $3.25 to $21 depending on size. 

Our most popular size burns for 25 hours and costs $8.

Green Living Tips readers using this coupon code will get a 10% discount at our online store:



Green tooth – earth friendly, biodegradeable products

April 6th, 2009.

Note from Michael: the following information was provided by the merchant. Attention green businesses, do you have a special coupon or discount offer you’d like showcased on Green Living Tips? Learn more here.

Green Tooth is offering all Green Living Tips readers 5% off with this coupon code:


About Green Tooth

Green Tooth is about “Going Green” made easy.  The products that we sell help our customers integrate everyday life and business with sustainable and biodegradable products. Living mindfully takes just a bit more thought and purpose, but we think the extra effort is well worth it.

Green Tooth offers the finest green products directly to customers at discount prices. We want to make these products easily accessible while making them affordable.

Our Products:

We carry a full line of eco-friendly and biodegradable products including biodegradable cups, biodegradable food containers, paper plates that are intended to help our customers bring sustainable practices into every day life.

We service restaurants, caterers, food processors, churches, schools, businesses, and individuals. 

All of our products are of the highest quality and made from renewable resources including bagasse (sugar cane waste), corn and potato-based bioplastic. 

Many of the products that we carry biodegrade within 45-60 days; reducing the landfill impact and are great alternatives to plastic and Styrofoam packaging materials that will be with us for many years to come. Americans annually use 25 billion Styrofoam containers and 100 billion plastic bags, which are derived from crude oil and clutter landfills.

We have alternatives for all of your food packaging needs while helping you reduce your environmental footprint. Check us out

Why Go Green:

Our customers are finding that using our products makes a statement of their social philosophy.  It demonstrates not only that they care about the environment, but also that they are taking practical measures to be responsible with our natural resources.  This movement is growing.  Nationally there are around 100 cities that have formally banned the use of Styrofoam or polystyrene food packaging. More and more cities are requiring restaurants and institutions to switch to biodegradable food containers.

Visit Green Tooth